See Through the World’s Eye

The world is so wide that one perspective isn’t enough to view, different perspectives are always needed because everyone thinks different and processes the information differently and apply it differently. That is why we can create several inventions from the same object. People usually create the things they need to solve their problems and that happens with a process that they might not realize they are doing it but that is what you need to create something:

Step 1: Have fun and relax


Step 2: Identify the goal, wish or problem

Step 3: Fact Finding, Gather information

Step 4: Generate ideas

Step 5: Evaluate your ideas

Step 6: Take action on your ideas

This is the best way to solve problems. You never like to check other perspectives because you think that yours is the best. However, you need to think too that other people might have the same problem as you do but the only difference is that they view everything from their unique perspective. Arguments are always on the point of view more than on right or wrong since if someone don’t get your point of view they are going to think that it is bad and judge you. How did scientists find their way in this world? They argued with other people and it turned out after a period of time that they were right. It is because they had a point of view that was very unique from other people. Imaging everyone thinking the same way, the world would never improve because no one tries to brainstorm before doing a project, a writing, or even a piece of art. If one day this was shared with the world and it was successful the creator would have a proof, which is brainstorming, that they can support that special thing with evidence of the work they did to get this idea.

People, like me, who always want to create something new and creative but are not sure about how to start it should always view the topic from several view points, brainstorm about the topic, and share their ideas with the world, which would help other people generate their new ideas with the world as you once did.



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