Disscusion Questions

How could someone chose the person he trusts?

People can’t be lonely in this life, they always need someone to listen to them, understand them and help them. For example, if you have a problem that is personal but you are struggling to solve it, you will need someone to help you because if you stay hiding that problem you are going to hate life and feel bad about yourself and other people around you. That is why we form trust. We trust people who have time to listen and care about us. Often these people are close to us like a family member, a close friend, a teacher, etc. Everyone has at least one person available always to hear their problems, troubles, mistakes, secrets and even opinions. How to choose the person you trust is very important. You cannot just start telling a stranger all your secrets and personal information because you didn’t have enough time to know the person in front of you so basically a person you trust needs to be  someone you know very well, someone that you understand and he/she understand you as well and finally someone who is a good secret keeper, that you can tell anything about yourself and he would never gossip about it. Some people can never trust anyone around them because they feel that everyone wants to take advantage of their information, position, wealth, etc. This kind of people is usually hard to cope with because they are very closed on themselves and that is fine it is their own life that is in danger when doing that because at one point they are going to feel that no one loves them and they are lonely. We should do our best to be trustworthy people because it is a good thing to help other people in need of you. Gossiping is the only thing people fear about when they tell someone something about their lives but if you trust that person really from your heart and you are sure that he trusts you too then you can never fear of telling them anything.

Why are people so impatient when judging?

In this world, there is always the first reaction which leads to the first judgment. People usually react naturally without realizing that others are watching every action and judging. Usually people don’t care about their actions because they think they are free and can do whatever they want. Although people think they are always the best judges, they are the worst judges most of the time.

“How dreadful is it when the right judge judges wrong” -Sophocles.

This is how dreadful it is that it makes you feel guilt when you realize that your judgment was wrong. Why do we judge people depending on their personalities? It is not their fault that they were born this way or taught this way. Instead of judging others on their mistake try to correct them because they might not know that what they are doing wrong except if you warn them. People judge so fast because they think they don’t understand what other people are doing. For instance, if you saw someone turning wrong on a street, don’t think he/she is ignorant what if they just started driving or they didn’t see a sign because it is hidden. People usually tend to judge quickly so that they could feel they are smarter than others without understanding the fact that everyone has different abilities. If you were created to be smart don’t mock other people who aren’t as smart as you but support them and give them any help if they need. Judgment is a cause of hatred if you hate someone you are going to judge him instantly. On the other hand, if you love someone you are going to tell them the wrong thing they did so that they won’t be judged by others.

Do you need to have power and determination to be a good leader?

Power and determination are one of the most important qualities that can make you a good leader because leaders need to be strong so that they can be obeyed and followed but they also need to be flexible and friendly with other people so that they can have good relations, can be trusted by the members led and finally can be loved and defended no matter what happens. This is what Machiavelli wrote about in his work The Prince which stated the qualities of a good leader and that it is better for a leader to be feared than loved. However, leaders must be loved at times so that they can be supported by crowds because if leaders were always feared it would be very hard for people to enjoy their lives. Also being a leader doesn’t mean you are always right so determination is not a very good for the leader because he might be wrong which doesn’t occur very frequently but is also a great thing at the same time as every argument that a leader participates in he is always going to win because he can defend himself. It is great to be led by great people, in order to lead great people to the success one day as well. Usually people prefer to be led because they are too weak to lead or think their personalities are weak but to be a good leader you need to express in various ways how good you are not just by giving directions and comments but by challenging yourself as well as challenging others and this can be in several ways, for example, trying stuff you never tried before, travelling, etc. To be a good leader you need to be determined and have power but also weak and sympathetic at times that require you to be so. Most of the people follow the leaders blindly which is a big mistake, leaders support their possessions by saying that:

“whoever is chosen to govern should be obeyed-must be obeyed, in all things, great and small, just and unjust” -Sophocles

And leaders say that they can’t break the laws and rules when they are the makers of these laws and rules:

“No, no: good lives are made so by discipline. We keep the laws then, and the law makers” -Sophocles

One thought on “Disscusion Questions

  1. Reblogged this on From guestwriters and commented:
    It would be nice if “Everyone has at least one person available always to hear their problems, troubles, mistakes, secrets and even opinions. ” but we are afraid we can find lots of people who are feeling lonely and who do not find somebody around them to whom they can tell the ‘closest’ things to. Even many people who have lots of Facebookfriends today can not feel happiness because they do not really feel they can have a very close connection with somebody else. At the time when social Media is such a hype and everybody seems to be constantly busy with updating their social status, we see that a lot of it is a flush of air.
    Having all the magical tools which can spread photo’s in a few seconds make it even worse in this world, because many people have found a weapon in it to tease and even worse bully others with their messages and photo’s been placed on the internet.
    All tat social media action makes that lots of people have lost their trust in certain people around them.
    But each of us can make a difference. Even when liking to use Facebook and other social gadgets we should be conscious not to misuse the modern tools to gossip, but using it more to show our good will to help others and to be ready for them.
    We should do proof to others that they can rely on us, because we are trustworthy and standing ready to be helpful for those in need. People are right to fear the ‘Gossiping’ which has increased so much, and we should give a clear sign to others who try to do such a thing, that we are not served by that and that we do not want to hear.
    When we do hear somebody judging somebody else we should give a clear signal that it is not up to man to judge the other, and that before something is insinuated the person has to be very sure that what he or she wants to tell is founded on truth and not on gossip.

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