Evolution of communication

The best way of communicating actively is sharing your ideas. Ideas are everywhere around us but we don’t think of them or try assembling them except when we have a task to perform in a group. Individually we tend to perform the tasks we are required to do without thinking further than that to solve the daily problems. All of the people have problems, however, they tend to hide their issues because they are either personal or they don’t want other people to use their problems against them one day and many other reasons that I can’t think of right now. It happened to me once that I told someone a problem that I faced and then he kept asking me about this problem every time and shared the problem with others. Communication is starting to evolve slowly as more people are using social media than actually talking to each other because people aren’t courage to face each other any more and social media is easier for them when they don’t want to waste efforts explaining things.

Communication is evolving quickly now. One word answers are the trend nowadays, people are tending to use the least effort they can because they are so busy everyday from work to studying to researching, etc. The world is changing quickly without us realizing, and unfortunately we are affecting it negatively. Technology is surrounding us everywhere and affecting the pure natural environment which is hard to find these days. The problems that everyone faces can always be corrected in several ways directly or indirectly. People try to keep upgrading communication in a way that makes people communicate with each other less frequently. For example, the photos people used to take for a long time were printed and digital photos, now the “selfie” concept is the most dominant everywhere. We like to improve ourselves as this is the human nature which tries to be as comfortable as possible in this world where comfort is hard to obtain. However, improvements ,specially in technology, are going to affect communication negatively as time sprints through the track of life.

The topic might be hard to understand because I like putting all the ideas that are related to or form the concept that I am trying to help the reader get and fully understand.


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