Would you survive without your phone?

One of the most important questions you can ask yourself is, would I be able to remain alive without technology? The answer for this question was very hard for me because technology nowadays play huge role in our lives because of the advancements it has reached and still improving as time flies by. Another question I asked myself, was if I can survive without my phone with no other item replacing it? By the word replacing it I was think of a tablet or other device that can perform the same task as the phone does and the answer to this question was, “It’s hard, but can be done.”

Technology is so important in our lives because it makes it easier for us to exert less effort. People like their phones because they can text, call, play games, etc.

As studies show people spend most of their time playing games and social networking rather than productivity and utilities. I’m not personally against media in any way but I’m against how people use the media in a wrong way to fulfill their free time and/or boredom. The main reason or concept that I want to reach is WHY? Why are people doing that?

People tend to use their phones as a way of communicating and if the phone is gone then they think that communication is over and can’t be established anymore. I, for instance, lived for a while without my phone with me in high school and daily life and I thought I was the strangest person ever because people kept taking selfies, texting the whole time and using their phones to start working on homework, projects, etc. I thought I was the only lonely but I survived for two years without it. This was a good experience for me because it taught me a lot of lessons that I just realized when I got a phone.

Technology is amazing if we learn how to use correctly at the suitable time and phones were made to make communication easier, not for playing games or wasting time. Instead of playing games life is beautiful play games in nature with nature. Try to know your world full of wonders by yourself and don’t depend on others all the time. Your time is now to see things you never saw before and learn in every way you can. Don’t limit yourself but expand.


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