It’s about time to realize

I remember this happening about a year ago, when it was a sunny spring day, I was sitting at my house with my family and suddenly the Skype starts ringing it was a call from our friends in Egypt. We were excited and we answered enthusiastically. However, it was not until this Skype call that I realized the importance of life. As soon as the screen popped open and we saw their deprived face that we knew there was something wrong. There actually was something wrong. Starting off with that dim voice, my mom asked, “what’s wrong?” There was a moment of silence. After couple of seconds the answer came slowly, “remember our friend that we used to meet and hangout with twice a week?” My mom answered, “Yes, is she alright, what’s wrong with her!” Taking a deep breath our friend replied, “her daughter was hit with cancer”

As soon as I heard these terrible news, I couldn’t hold myself. I felt I wanted to cry so hard because I was actually touched for the first time ever. She is a nine year old, she still has a lot to see in this life. What did she see yet except sorrow from the bitter tasting life. I always saw advertisements on TV about giving donations to cancer hospitals so that they would improve their service, but you never fell, it never touches you except when it is someone you know. We don’t understand it except when we are touched by it. We never really think about it except when it actually happens.

This is how life goes sometimes good, sometimes bad, sometimes happy, but sometimes sad

We never really know when it is there, the comforting moment when you are happy and glad

You can’t decide what you want to feel, the feeling comes at times of fear

Never say I don’t feel since you’ll regret it when it comes near

That feeling of dread, that arrives when an accident happens to a friend

So enjoy your life as you want, but feel for others and help them out

Never give up, there’s always a chance

If you try you will advance

I’m not a very good poet but I tried,

because that is what I want you thinking about

We should think about others and care about them even if they are not close to us, it is not because you or I are happy that the rest are. The most strange thing is that people with cancer and other diseases are more happy and optimistic than we are because they finally realized that there is a reason they should live forever for. This is what you should be thinking about your reason to live. I pray for that young 9 year old girl everyday so please today join me in the prayers for her and all the people all over the world having the same evil disease, Cancer.


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