Rain from a different perspective

Rain is essential to all living things and even it supports life because people consume tons of water everyday and there is no alternative to replacing that wasted water. Rain makes you stay in your sweet cozy home where you have a blanket around you, having a cup of hot chocolate and watching movies. That is most of the people’s favorite condition to be lazy so rain encourages laziness. However, that is so traditional so let’s look at rain from a different perspective, people like rain because of several other reasons:

  1. People like watching the rainbow especially if they live somewhere where it doesn’t rain a lot
  2. Rain is a sign of peace and refreshment also people like seeing rainbows (which don’t always appear)
  3. It is a good time for family gatherings since families don’t sit together that much anymore
  4. That smell of the earth when it rains is so delightful
  5. A good time to do activities in home you haven’t done for a while like read, watch a movie, bake a cake, etc.


On the other hand, there are some people who don’t like rain because:

  1. They get wet (especially girls are pissed off when they get their hair wet)
  2. It sometimes cancels their plans for the day
  3. People who play ground sports can’t play because of mud
  4. Sometimes flights are canceled due to weather
  5. If people were not prepared by having umbrellas or jackets they might get sick


And there are a lot of other reasons but these are the ones that flashed in my mind right now. Rain is always a good time for family gatherings is what I want to focus on in this blog because it is a very important topic in social life. The place that you feel the most comfortable at during rainy weather is home and trust me it always happens that people who are outgoing feel comfortable at home during rainy weather. When it is warm outside, people don’t like to stay at home because the sun is up and they want to enjoy their day but when it is rainy people usually tend to be more lazy to drive out somewhere or even walk on the streets because they don’t feel like it. So how can you take advantage of that time when you are bored and have nothing to do? Try to socialize more with your family because these days people prefer technology as their companion although they can have good time with each other. You need to maybe talk with your parents and discuss important things with them related to your decisions in life and how you are coping with issues you have , etc. and they are always going to have a good advice for you, if not the best. If you are married, rain is a suitable time for many events for example, to give some attention to your wife and spend some good moments with her or share your thoughts together as a couple and because rain is peaceful, it might be a good time to resolve some issues or problems that you have together.


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