Time is a circus. Time is a thief. Time is a trap. Time is a stream. Time is money. Time is self. Time is happiness. Time is memories, Time is a race. Time is routine. Time is life. Time is a gift. Time is everything. Time flies by so quickly that we don’t even realize it. We don’t think about time because everything happens everyday no matter how you try to change it. Employers go to work, students go to school, etc. we need the change every now and then. We decide how fast we want time to go. Sometimes you wish that time goes faster because you hate this class or that meeting. Other times you wish that time goes slower so that you enjoy every moment with your love of life. It is you. You want it to go either faster or slower, you never want time to go at a regular pace because it doesn’t satisfy your needs. What is the reason for wanting time to go faster or slower the main reason is that you don’t understand that time controls us we don’t control time. If you stayed in that class or meeting for a little more, you could have gotten a chance to learn something new.

Time is what we can’t understand because we can’t know our future and mostly forget our past because we want to live in the present. Present is the best thing ever since there is nothing than enjoying what you are living now even if your life is bad and you don’t like it it is going to improve as long as you have faith in God, life and yourself. YOU CAN DO IT if you believe that you can do it. In my life, I feared trying several things but when others encouraged me I became one of the best at these activities. Things that people usually fear of are riding bikes, swimming for first time, trying new kinds of food, tests, and time. People fear of aging but if you had fear in your teens you are going to regret it when you are an adult. Therefore the best way to overcome fear is by trying everything that you have a chance to try. Never miss a chance because chances come once then time flies by a really great book about the concept of time is The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom

Time is like a sword with two edges as the great saying says. So next time you think of time try thinking about what you can do to profit from your time efficiently.


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