The Art of Creativity


Yeah I thought about the same thing.

We live in art. It is all around us. It surrounds us. We do art everyday without realizing it maybe because we are used to creating it everyday. However, usually we don’t see it until someone comments on it and what I’m talking about is the art that pleases us as human beings as well as inspires us, I’m not just talking about painting and sculpture but there are many forms of art that we never see but it is there waiting for us to notice it.

Art sometimes replaces words when words can’t express the situation very well. For example some people, like me like to listen to certain songs when they are in certain mood and this is the art of thinking. When you know that you are feeling sad, you never listen to happy songs except if you are an exceptional case and that is how art comes in the play without realizing as we listen to our favorite songs by our favorite singers. This is a combination between words and art that is why a lot of people love to listen to music.

Sometimes we convince ourselves that we don’t have the talent while we have it everyone can have this talent but in different ways. For example, people who work as engineers, doctors, lawyers, teachers, etc. all have the talent but maybe the chance isn’t always there to express this talent and when we express it we think about why didn’t we try when we had a chance. Art isn’t just about painting and drawing or doing sculptures, it is a lot more that we can imagine. Art is beyond our imagination, our planet and all the galaxies are art themselves. That is why I mentioned in the first sentence of the post that we live in art so as we see this art around us every we create new art. Art is a combination of all senses, I think that this is the simplest way to explain that since when it comes to art all senses are involved

How you see it relates to how you feel about. This is the best way to indicate the value of the stuff you see. Other kinds of art that no one might have thought about are writing blog posts as while writing this blog post new ideas rush to my mind so I add them.Sometimes it takes me long time to think about a topic that is interesting to write about but after all I try thinking of several ideas and combine them into one. Some people are too busy for art but trust me art helps in:
  • Helping to have a peace of mind
  • Discovering talents you never knew you had
  • Leads to creating new ways of communication with others
  • Easily communicating your message and keeps it memorable
  • Filling up the spare time you waste on silly stuff instead of benefiting

There are some question to help you in understanding the value of art:

  1. What is art to you?
  2. Is art a major part in your life?
  3. What kinds of art do you usually like to do? Share your interests.
  4. Would you show others your masterpieces? Why or why not?
  5. Do you consider the nature an art? What about talking and giving speeches?

This is a very great picture that refers to the child inside of each person that becomes a monster as we grow that is the art that replaces words. I found this image on: This blog is really great and has wonderful images. After all “words do not express thoughts very well” is the thought of the day.


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