Happy…..Why not?

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Happiness cannot be explained. It is something to be felt, to be experienced. What makes someone happy differs from one person to another. Some people think that happiness is being around friends while others think it is being around the family so that differs from one person to another. I can’t explain happiness however most people feel the happiness by improving their life quality. This means that the way to get happy is through making improvements in life areas: health, relationships, finances, etc. And this is the common happiness I guess but there are other ways people can be happy even if they don’t necessarily improve their life style. Other ways can be by knowing new people and friends, modifying life style, having passion about what they do and a lot more can result in happiness.

Happiness is not one emotional state, but the overall quality of many different emotions. This is what makes happiness special, that it can combine feelings of pleasure, optimism, and satisfaction all in one feeling. The important question is why aren’t all people happy? Well, as years fly like rockets and time passes like the wind, people’s troubles and fear increase more and more. Sometimes feelings of jealousy start to emerge if someone who isn’t very happy in his life sees other people who are happy and enjoying their time. The problem with that is that the unhappy person tries to ruin the others happiness. But why? This is what I can’t understand if someone is happy and you are unhappy don’t drag them with you to your unhappiness but rather ask them how they achieved their great happiness maybe that could help you. Some common reasons for unhappiness are:

  • Stress
  • Feeling lonely
  • Having financial problems
  • Losing a friend in an argument
  • Having trouble to cope with others
  • Inability to afford a good life for your family

And there are a lot more. These are the great problems that most people encounter in life. But the happiness does not come from staring at these problems, it comes from trying to overcome them. How to do that is your choice. All people sometimes feel unhappy but maybe what you need is just a very small thing such as having some time to think or meditating and relaxing for a while. These unhappy moments are easy to overcome if you have the will to overcome them.


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