New Year IS New Me

It is a New Year. I know i’m late but so what is the difference between this year and the last year and coming years. Well they are all numbers and years that pass with their good and bad so what are you expecting from this new year?

For me, i’m expecting a lot more than just a new year:

  • New places to visit
  • Be more productive (use time efficiently)
  • Make new friends and know new people
  • Try to make my mind about my future
  • Get closer to God
  • Make a difference (Try to inspire other people)
  • I want to have a positive effect on someone and make it memorable ( It sounds easy but is really hard)
  • To be continued…..

What I need to do that? I need motivation which I can’t find, I really need help with that because without it there wouldn’t be any chance of doing at least a single goal or resolution. Some people can say insist on your goal and I say how can I insist if i’m doing that for nothing that by myself. If you reached this part in the post then I know that you might be able to help me. Thank you!!! 🙂


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