Perfect Pictures

To take a good picture there are a lot of components that you need to focus on. Everyone thinks that taking a picture is easy but it actually isn’t that simple. Phones are the most used devices to take pictures these days because if you are going somewhere without knowing what you are going to see there it comes in handy to use the phone.

Here are some ways that can help improve pictures:

  1. Positing Camera (Landscape vs. Portrait)
  2. Zoom (Far vs. Near)
  3. Brightness and contrast (Varies depending on place)
  4. Filters/Effects (Sepia, negative, grayscale, etc.)
  5. Modes (Normal, Panorama, etc.)

And there are a lot more but I believe these are the most important because if they were used correctly they are going to make the pictures look better and less boring. Think about it, if someone is looking at pictures that are all amazing with amazing backgrounds and natural scenes it will be great but also if you took a picture of a scene you can make it more effective by adding an exciting filter rather than just taking a normal picture which was taken by thousands before you. Make the picture yours. This can be done by using one of the options listed above. It is going to be really helpful but remember this depends on each person’s personality and how he likes things done, some people just prefer simple while others prefer fancy and others prefer formal. Everyone has his style in living and it becomes part of the personality.

I’ll go quickly over the 5 options:

1. Landscape vs. Portrait

For example, this picture looks better in landscape view than portrait view and most natural scenes are better in landscape if the place where you are standing permits.

2. Near vs. Far

In this picture zoom depends on what part the scene you like/need. If you like the vase in which the flowers are put, then you are going to shoot the picture on upper right and if you like the flowers themselves then you are going to shoot the bottom picture. But I think the picture on the upper left is so plain.

3. Brightness and contrast

I found this picture as a great example to demonstrate brightness and contrast. Although it is a little blurry, it shows clearly brightness and contrast. The left part of the picture shows a regular picture while the picture on the right shows high contrast and high brightness leading to a more clear exciting image.

4. Filters

This example portrays the image with several filters and again it depends on the style each one likes. For me I like the one on the bottom left corner because it adds more effect by making the sun shine more bright and have a greater effect on the sky. Which one do you like the most and why?

5. Picture modes

These modes are helpful if you want to take a professional picture of a certain scene at a specific time of the day. These modes are available on Samsung galaxy phones, especially S5, which has a very wide variety of modes. I’m not sure if these modes are available for IOS but there are a lot of apps that can apply these cool features.

All these functions and features were created to help you take better pictures so you should start using them in the right way to improve your results!! Try them all and decide which ones work best with you and when.

“Take great pictures, save the good memories and be proud of yourself” -Me


2 thoughts on “Perfect Pictures

  1. I actually think you first picture looks better in portrait than landscape, the landscape one looks a bit dark in the middle to me – but I guess it all about personal preference:)


  2. I totally agree with that and it is very true but it usually depends on the amount of objects you would like to include in the picture and the amount of brightness. Thank you for pointing that out 🙂


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