Goals for 2015

My goals for 2015 are to accomplish the stuff that I didn’t have a chance to accomplish during the previous years. The problem is that I want to do a lot of things that I have in mind but it is hard to accomplish everything specially if you are a student because when I go back home as I have more more and more study to do but life is life and that is life. Some of the goals that I wanted to accomplish and what I learned from them:

  • Learning programming: I had this goal since June 2014 and I started for a while but then I thought that even if I learn programming right now what am I going to use it for? I have nobody to design a website for and I don’t need a website right now so I gave up on that goal for now.

What I learned: That if you learn something and you don’t practice it, you are never going to remember it except if you really love and to reach the really

  • Read more: I used to read for a time in my life but I stopped because I get bored quickly of reading except if the book caught my attention and even if it did I still don’t read a single book for more than one hour straight I just can’t so I thought that maybe if I improved my reading and understanding speed I might like books more and learn the same amount of information in less amount of time.

What I learned: Reading books helps not just in learning the language but also in learning life lessons that we sometimes don’t realize the books teach us.

  • Manage time: I realized that I need to manage my time more because I wasted a lot of time last year and this year i’m still wasting time so instead of doing what i’m supposed to do, i’m procrastinating on it and getting less sleep due to the time wasted through the evening and that is something that I need to start working on beginning NOW.

What I learned: It is good to play games and waste time but after the important stuff are done. For me, I start convincing myself that if I start with the important stuff first I wouldn’t have time for the unimportant which is more fun. This concept is very wrong and I discovered something new and it is called the Pomodoro Technique.  Basically this technique is a technique that gives 25 min periods to do work with 5 min breaks after each so that you don’t get bored. I like its idea but would I be able to apply it? I hope so.

These are some of my goals and not all of them and I want to take my game step at a time to not overwhelm myself with a lot of goals and end up accomplishing none


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