What would I do, if I were you

If I were you, I would have done so and so. I can’t express how much I hate this statement. Why are you comparing yourself to me? you think you know me? well you don’t. People compare all the time and everyone experiences this comparison more than once in life. Who compare you to others? Mostly families, teachers, friends and even your spouse, if married.

For example, if you are a student who gets B in most of his classes and works all the time and your parents compare you to a student that you once told them about who gets A+ in all of his classes, your parents are going to make you feel ashamed of yourself and you are going to need to struggle hard even if you can’t overcome a B+. This is the worst way of addressing you children, comparison because one of two things are going to happen either you are going to stop telling them about anything relating to your life because they keep pushing you harder than ever or you are going to hate your parents forever about what they did to you when you were younger. However, comparison sometimes work and you get that A+ that you and your parents hoped for but on the other hand you are destroying your life by sleeping less, becoming less sociable with others and having no time to do fun stuff in life.

Comparison is just a part of life that is so difficult to overcome so we need to cope with it. That is always my reply when someone tells me the if I were you statement,

“you’ll never be like me, you can be better than me, worse than me, but never like me because everyone has his/her unique personality, you might think that if you do what they do or live the way they live you are going to be a better person. However, what you don’t realize is that you might not like other people’s style of living or the activities they do so be yourself, enjoy YOUR LIFE because you only live once”


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