The Danger Zone

He was running and he knew they were after him. He didn’t know why since he was sitting in the coffee shop they kept talking to each other and threw some hungry looks at him. Eric was only eighteen when he started getting involved in this kind of business. It was good that he had a strong body and core which was to his advantage. He went to Flanders High School and this is when he seriously started thinking about his career at the end of junior year when he heard his father’s friend talking about how great this job is. He didn’t want to tell his parents. He knew they would refuse and their excuses would be like it is too dangerous, time consuming and he didn’t study all these years to just work in a job like that. He was a secret agent.

Eric knew his abilities and he knew that this job would perfectly fit him. He had the body for it, the intelligence for it and the skills for it. His best friend and his trainer was Agent Johnson who trained him for three years which were required to actually start working in the field. He started as a helper in minor missions and then he kept advancing in his career until he reached the mission of trying to stop one of the most dangerous money laundering people worldwide. This was his biggest mission so far. They wanted the case that Eric took during the shooting that happened before yesterday at the museum which wasn’t with him right now. He knew every single street in that town, where he was born and raised. He started accelerating slowly, glancing behind his back and then suddenly took a sharp right and started sprinting. They ran after him as fast as the wind so he dodged some walls jumped over cars and did everything he can possibly do to escape them. He had no weapons and no bullet proof vest and was exposed. He hid in a dark gloomy street under the stairs. He heard their footsteps, his heart was racing not because he was frightened but he was tired.Untitled-1 

He tried to control his breath as they approached him so that they wouldn’t discover him. As they got closer he started studying them. Their appearance was very familiar to him. He remembered their faces specially the one with the chocolate brown hair. Then examined the place for almost two minutes and then they left. He walked slowly outside when they disappeared from the scene. He walked by the river, to refresh his memory and attempt to remember where he saw the bodyguards faces before. He was on his way back home, the stars still shone and the day had drawn only a pale wash of the light in the lower sky to the east.


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