Writing For A Better World

Most people write to make money but I don’t. I write mainly for school because we have an assignment to write. Probably when i’m done with all the assignments I wouldn’t write every week anymore but i’ll always try to make time for writing in this busy world. Before my experience in writing for my English class I would have never thought about creating a blog and writing every week. Now I really like the experience and I think that it is extremely important to write!

Writing doesn’t just benefit others with the information you are going to share but more importantly it benefits the writer who learns from the experience, which is improving writing, communicating more with other people, researching new ideas and cultures, trying to find interesting topics, choice of words, staying on topic and a lot more. I believe that writers learn more than readers as they write, some people are better writers than others but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t write. I know i’m  a horrible writer but I still write hoping my writing would improve. “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” is what we always say but always do. For me, the books I read are because i’m required to read, I thought the cover is interesting or depending on people’s recommendations.

The most important aspect of writing is sharing ideas and communicating because if everyone shares the ideas they have the world is going to be a better place, not all your thoughts need to be applied but at least some of them so that is why your ideas need to be unique don’t think the same way everyone is thinking try to find new paths and discover you abilities you thought you would have never been able to apply. However, if you should NEVER give up on your beliefs. Foe instance, if you have a good relation with good don’t break it because your intellectual beliefs lead you to giving up your personal, specially religious beliefs.

People aren’t easily impressed and that is why you need to keep that comforting smile on your face always and try to find ways around the topic that might give your audience a better chance at understanding you. If you just throw the ideas and topic in the face of your reader there is a big chance that you readers wouldn’t have any clue what you are talking about because it is most likely something they are not familiar with. That is why connections are very important to help the reader understand. If every single person knew how to write to express what they need this world is going to be a great place because it all starts with that one small idea that people keep expanding on until it has become so easy to understand and this is all what the global conversation is about; sharing, elaborating, and expanding a set of ideas


4 thoughts on “Writing For A Better World

  1. I really like this post because it’s true! I agree that writers learn more when they write and it will show in due time. We sometimes focus too much on what people think of our works and never consider what WE think of it. If we manage to sieve out whatever’s wrong with the current piece, the next one will definitely be better. And also because you said that people aren’t easily impressed, we should, all the more, put in effort into our writing and when it’s the best that we can come up with, I’m very sure we’ll be more than satisfied!


    • That is very true when ever I write I think are people going to accept it or criticize it? But I never thought about writing for my own pleasure, which might interest others as well, except now. Hope you have a great day!!!

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  2. Reblogged this on Those who wander and commented:
    “All you have to do is write one truest sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know”.
    I’ve learned of these words on my own courtesy of Buzzfeed. These words meant a lot for me as I struggled with writing. I can write an essay in a matter of hours. To the point of insanity of proof reading and spell check errors. But I never found satisfaction in doing something just for the grade. There’s more to writing than just words scribbled across a sheet of paper.

    As the blog post from my friend suggests, sometimes we write about the world to learn about ourselves. That maybe the words used to describe the world in the most eloquent way are actually mirrors. Ones we hold in our hands as we come to understand the depth of our personalities.

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