Smiles Are Worth While

“Smiles are precious… Smiles are a gift” are two very important phrases that my friend, Ally, mentioned because the words “precious” and “gift” are the main values that a smile carries. Smiles are precious not because they are expensive but because of the values they can contain. For example, a smile can carry a warm reassuring feeling to show your support for other people. They are a gift because people appreciate them and feel that you are really thoughtful and actually a true friend, it also makes people sense accomplishment because you usually get a prize when you do something good; something that can change someone’s day or maybe the whole world. A smile!! So smile today and keep troubles away 🙂

Ally's Wonderland

Something very precious to both ourselves and to this world is that little thing we often take for granted. We do it without realizing it, we think but we don’t realize that meaning behind it, the amazingness of the idea of what it is we are doing.

The action itself is universal all around the world no matter where you go. You don’t need to know a different language or how to say something right, all it takes is a little twitch of your muscles and bam.

What is this amazing, life changing thing?

Why, it’s a smile of course.

91018-minion-slowly-smiling-gif-sudd-xmrd.gif (500×271)

Smiling is such a huge part of our lives. It conveys messages, feelings, hidden thoughts and wishes, secrets, smiles express our greatest joys to our bravest triumphs. They help show our emotions and our feelings, and they us express ourselves in a way unlike any other.

Can you imagine…

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