Purpose of Life: The Spotlight

I have a goal, you have a goal everyone SHOULD have at least one goal in this life. You might fall, stumble and get out of track like I did for a long time but then you have that goal that you are trying to focus the spotlight on. It is hard! It is not easy to avoid distraction when it is surrounding you. “I felt extremely uncomfortable as the focal point, in the spotlight,” confessed Brian Eno, “. I really like the behind the scenes role, because all my freedom is there.” This is why it is hard to focus on staying in that one small spotlight when there is all that dark, gloomy free space around it. The small things are almost always the most valuable. 

The spotlight should be your goal that you are planning on reaching. For instance, if you say that you are helpful but there is no spotlight on the stage people are not going to believe you because they didn’t see anything yet so your goal might be to help with charity, treat people in a good manner and help them solve real problems then people are going to go to that spotlight you have to see if you can help them too. The spotlight is an area where it is time to shine so why not stand in it if you can. We usually like to hide our talents, goals, wishes, etc. from others but it is always a good idea to share whatever is going on in your mind so that they can support you since without the support you wouldn’t be able to reach the spotlight. Share what you know and watch your success grow.

We like the dark area because we have freedom in it while in the spotlight your space is limited to a certain area. It is always hard to reach a goal that is why it is hard to find the small spotlight in the wide stage. However, when you successfully  achieve your goal the spotlight is full of energy and excitement that it blocks out all the background noises on the dark stage. According to Syvester Stallone, “I am not the richest, smartest or most talented person in the world, but I succeed because I keep going and going and going.” But what does that mean? Not because you achieved one goal you just stop NO! because if you stop then you didn’t gain or learn anything from the spotlight. The spotlight teaches you how to be courageous and advance in life so that you can fill the whole stage with light not only that one spot. The audience will still like you in the spot but when you add more effects and talent each time you are going to advance in your career and the people will never get bored of you. 

If you search for the spotlight, you will find it waiting for you. Even though you might stumble and fall you pick yourself up and keep marching because if you stop time will not stop. Have a great day!!


The Shadow of Life

We need to relate everything in life to something that we can learn of because that is how the process of learning takes place. A shadow appears only once in the same spot a day and this is interesting because a shadow is where we seek for shady, cool weather as we are sweating immensely and drinking a cold, fresh cup of lemonade. The shadow is something that is very necessary because it is of a use and nothing in this whole world was created by the God without a use. But how does this apply to real life? i know audience are always interested in real life associations and never in fake fantasies that don’t make any sense. As the shadow is the place where we seek for rest, daily life is a routine in which we seek for rest as well. It is very bad to keep studying the whole time or working or even playing. I know it is confusing so let me clarify.

The Shadow is the period of rest that we need to take everyday. We are all humans. You can’t say i’m just going to work all day long and then I will rest tomorrow because that is not going to happen. By the end of the day you will say i’ll rest tomorrow and the day after you say the same and so on to a point that when you reach the weekend you are so exhausted that you need to sleep and can’t have fun anymore. This should change. You should change this by taking short rests that are consisted of short naps, some play time, practicing a hobby or a talent, etc. These are things that we usually forget because of the daily rush Rush RUSH that we are in, we think that we don’t have time to do all these useless stuff but they are actually stuff that will help you in several ways where you will: gain new experiences, have fun and help you study because you will be happy you got to release some energy in a positive way.

In the introduction paragraph I stated that the shadow only comes in the same spot once a day and our breaks should also be once a day because if they were more than that it will be excessive. If you argue and decide to study straight without any breaks it will be nearly impossible to not distract yourself with all the social media, noises, boredom that is surrounding you. Therefore, breaks are like shadows in a sense, maybe that is not the best connection but for me it is pretty memorable!