Technology For Children: Is it good or bad?

Throwback to childhood whenever I was bored I used to play Lego and pick up my nose, no just kidding. When I was young I actually used to love watching Tom and Jerry that I can almost recall every single episode if I watch like the first five minutes. I also used to play with Lego, make puzzles, or mostly play with my sister random board games or do any activity outside the house. It wasn’t that bad. We had fun together and enjoyed our time in a simple easy way. They were good days, however, now all that is gone.

What does the life of a child consist of now? All the parents nowadays should know specially those who work because their children are not provided with enough supervision. The child’s life consists of Video games, eating, TV and maybe some studying. I got a phone, used by both of parents before me, when I was in seventh grade and I was as happy as a clam until I realized I was so behind in technology that as soon as I got a Sony Ericsson phone the Samsung Galaxy S3 came out and it spread so quickly. I remember seeing my friends playing the game Subway Surfers, which was popular at the time and I couldn’t play it because my phone was not smart enough. Although I was sad at the time, I’m happy now.

Enough talking about myself and lets take that to another perspective, a worldwide perspective. Is technology beneficial for children? I don’t think that technology is god or bad but it depends on how each individual uses it, for how long and for what task. These days children are just given ipads with like 70+ games and subscription to a Cable TV including cartoon channels and that is all what they need to survive. This is extremely dangerous and when it is time for the child to enter school they will be inactive, unsociable and won’t be able to use their brains properly because all what they are going to be thinking about in class is “I can’t wait to show my friends the new high score I got yesterday after playing for four hours straight!” Well hopefully that is not what they are thinking about. I know some kids that are so obsessed with their ipad that they need to take it with them even to the car. That is getting too common and extensively unhealthy.

There are several alternatives to using the ipads as a tool of entertainment. I understand that it might be hard for a lonely child to have fun by themselves in the house while their parents are busy with work, however, I believe it would be easier for a lonely child to have more fun by himself rather than a child who has siblings because if we suppose that they didn’t have their ipads, I know it is hard for them but let’s just suppose they had a tool consisting of a set of colors paper and other materials this is going to open their imagination and opening imagination leads to creation and there is nothing better than having your own creation that makes you proud of yourself and your abilities. What are you going to benefit from getting a high score in a game. Nothing. This is not something that you created as a child that you should be proud of because someone is going to beat this score and you are going to forget about it before your friends do. 

Technology can harm young children by damaging their eyesight from a young age, causing them to be socially awkward when they grow up because of their isolation at home and making it harder to focus on studying when you are so addicted to a game, I mean not only young kids do that but also high school students and sometimes even adults are addicted to games. It is how much control parents posses over their children that determines a child future because I see some parents that just give their phones to young children so that they can play whenever they are bored or whenever they start crying. It is just so sad how children are regretting nature more and more often. It is the earth that grows a man:

If you had never tried digging in the sand how are you going to plant,

If you had never fixed a toy how will you be a skillful boy,

If you had never tried playing basketball how are you going to get tall,

If you skip your chance, you will never have it again.

These lines may sound stupid but they actually make a point if you never participate in any sports, events or activities and just stayed at home setting your mind on laziness mode you will never achieve anything and will just stay like that your whole life so that is why i’m addressing children because they still have a chance to change. Don’t feel like you are going to be super bored without phone, you might be bored a little bit but there is always something for you to do.

Living without a phone until the end of sixth grade actually taught me a lot of lessons like patience because I wanted the phone impatiently that i kept bugging my parents with it at least twice a week. They just wanted me to focus on studying more than playing and wasting my time and they did the right choice. I learned that nothing is necessary except when it is needed some people think that if they didn’t buy this shirt or this jacket today that the store is going to run out, close forever or disappear, maybe even if they don’t need it now they just but it for their friend’s birthday coming up in nine months. New things will come out fashion comes out and spreads too quickly and I learned tons of lessons that I might know or might not know about because sometimes we learn thing but we don’t really know where we learned them from. 


Discover the Hidden

There are a lot of countries in the world that people don’t know or have never visited before although they excel in their beauty and their people are might be very kind and friendly. Examples of these countries are, Sao Tome and Principe (right), that I never heard of, and Malaysia (left), which I wish to visit one day.


People always hear the recommendations from other people and very few really try to discover a new place. Exploring new worlds; new ways of living; new cultures is the best thing to do even if these countries were not as beautiful as yours no matter how far they are, there’s always a good reason for travelling to new places which is seeing something different that you never saw before. Many people think that by looking at pictures they are going to be the happiest people in the whole world. Reality, however, is that pictures aren’t enough because they are the moments and good memories that are important to remember but if you just look at a picture, you shouldn’t be satisfied until you accomplish your goal which is to travel more.
I-want-to-make-memories    images

We need to think about it, do we prefer having people talk to us about a place they visited or going on a trip to discover this place? Most people choose to go to the same countries rather than discovering new territories because they either hear recommendations, see pictures, know about them for news resources or someone sharing his experience. And this is that’s the peoples nature but how did people find these new countries, by trying to expand their knowledge beyond what they can see.


I absolutely encourage all people to see the wonders of this world which is full of a lot of interesting places that very few people have been to, these places don’t need to be countries but they can be a mountain, a state, a monument, a temple, a famous park, a beach, etc.. because these places are a very important factors that contribute to classifying the country as beautiful.