The One Way to Happiness

Happiness is thought of as the good life, flourishing, well-being, joy, prosperity, and pleasure. These are the thing you want to have to have that happiness but what if you were a child? If you were a child you want toys, love, care, friends, theme parks, etc. As we age, our demands start getting more serious, troubling, and hard to obtain so what is it that makes children different? It is the happiness that the children have. Ask Charlie brown about it. Many times I needed to make several choices but I was an indecisive person, for example, I was supposed to go with people I never met in my life and I wasn’t very sure if I wanted to go and then my parents convinced me that I will have fun as they are people from the same age as me. I went. Probably it was the best camp I ever went in my life and we had a lot of fun. So always take the chance is what I learned.

When you are a child, you are dependent on your parents. They take you wherever you want, they bathe you, they take care of you, they dress you, etc. However, that doesn’t last long enough because the roles switch in no time. Instead of being the one who cries and yells for your mom’s help, you become the one yelled at and instead of having your food ready for you to eat you need to start making your own food and that is how life goes we can’t change that cycle. The older you get without having what I call the “factor of happiness” inside you, the more your life will be harder and later maybe depressing. Happiness inside you never gets dies but it is you who sometimes accelerate its growth because you feel that you are old now and you can’t do any childish acts or you have a bunch of work that you think happiness is going to distract you from it. I wrote a previous blog post about the relationship between money and happiness and it proved to me that making money doesn’t need to be an issue to distract you from happiness so why not just have fun and enjoy life.

Most of the elderly people here in the US have a pretty good life that is typically similar to children’s life and that kind of surprised me because I didn’t expect that. They often have the best cars on the street or those old refurbished cars that I really like and after thinking for a while I knew the reason for their happiness. These people are happy because they simply want to be happy! They worked hard their whole life, made good money, went to best schools not to be depressed after all but to accumulate a tremendous amount of money to enjoy the last phase of their life in which all their goals in life are achieved and it is time to have some peaceful time.

The important question is can you be happy even if you are in that age group usually between 18-50 when it is harder to discover the child happiness? The answer is yes, researchers have explored three basic sources of happiness: genetics, including temperament and personality; life circumstances, such as wealth and health; and our own choices. This is what I want to focus on owing to the fact that it is the only source that we can change, our own choices. The word “own” is the most important in that phrase because there is a huge difference between considering others choices as our own and between choosing ourselves. For instance, considering others choices as our own can be like if you want to go out to have dinner with your friends but we are none of them, including you, are quite decided yet on what you want to eat so the person driving keeps asking others where do you want to go but the each member says something like “I don’t know” or “you choose” the person choosing will go somewhere that he likes which the others might not like but they need to eat there anyways because of their response. That is an example where you are unhappy with the food but you are going to hide because you are still hungry and you need to stay with your friends. On the other hand an example of making your own choices would be choosing between two pictures and you don’t know which one is better. You would say that is easy I can just pick whatever but you feel that maybe if you got the other picture it would have looked better although it wouldn’t. This thought would turn the happiness into worry.

It is hard to stick with the one choice you chose and it is equally difficult to have room for happiness in your life as well as it is to go from a child happy to an elder happy therefore it is hard to go one way happiness which can never be achieved since you can’t be happy your whole life. Happiness is like a tree that has several roots at the bottom which are being children we can be happy in many ways and the stem is like our life in between where it is difficult to be happy except in that one way and finally the branches are the final product of our lives where the fruits of our whole life are produced and again there many routes for happiness.

My final word is advising all the children to demonstrate their happiness.


It’s about time to realize

I remember this happening about a year ago, when it was a sunny spring day, I was sitting at my house with my family and suddenly the Skype starts ringing it was a call from our friends in Egypt. We were excited and we answered enthusiastically. However, it was not until this Skype call that I realized the importance of life. As soon as the screen popped open and we saw their deprived face that we knew there was something wrong. There actually was something wrong. Starting off with that dim voice, my mom asked, “what’s wrong?” There was a moment of silence. After couple of seconds the answer came slowly, “remember our friend that we used to meet and hangout with twice a week?” My mom answered, “Yes, is she alright, what’s wrong with her!” Taking a deep breath our friend replied, “her daughter was hit with cancer”

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