B.R.A.W.L: Brief Reflection About War Logic

The title isn’t really what B.R.A.W.L stands for. B.R.A.W.L is a debate that we did in my English in an original way over the book All Quiet on the Western Front, By Erich Maria Remarque where we form groups of four and we have ten questions to answer together. After that the teacher chooses one question and two groups (each formed of two people of the original four) go up and debate on that topic against each other. We had two rounds, this was for the first round The second round was the same except with a different set of ten questions and something new that was added, three buzzers that the other groups can use if they want to add something on what the other two groups said or argue against them. It was really interesting although I didn’t use the buzzers. I wish I did.

I learned from the B.R.A.W.L was more of a discussion than learning in my opinion because we already learned stuff and we applied what we learned in the B.R.A.W.L, it wasn’t meant to teach us a lot maybe we got a fact from here or there but personally I believe that the main purpose of the whole debate was to be able to apply what we learned in an academic way where we can combine more than one fact into an idea of our creation. My group worked a lot on finding outside sources and we discussed every question together. We agreed on everything together and Katrina, one of my partners had a lot of videos as sources for the second B.R.A.W.L because she really likes music and other than that we all tried to link the questions to as much real life examples and logic solutions to situations as possible so that we can back up our opinions on each question with real evidence. We didn’t really take pictures of the first B.R.A.W.L the one in which I went because we didn’t have an account set so yeah that is why we have a picture of the music video my group was showing during the second B.R.A.W.L.

I did as much as I could, I added a lot of real life examples that we actually included in our scripts for each question. My famous line that I was supposed to say in the first B.R.A.W.L “Ceci n’est pas une pipe” since I speak French I didn’t get to say because we got a different question. I was so prepared to say it so that is why I wish we were able to choose our own questions as all the questions are on the same difficulty level anyways. I contributed with most of thinking in the first B.R.A.W.L and for the second B.R.A.W.L we divided up the questions where we answered four questions in class and it took my share by answering two questions at home. I took notes of our plan and also when other people presented as well. I don’t really like to talk about myself a lot in group projects to be honest but I really enjoyed the experience even though my B.R.A.W.L was bad because I only thought we had to go back and forth twice and not beyond that but I had a lot of stuff to say. The second B.R.A.W.L’s technique was better but the first one’s questions were better.


Mirror of Thoughts

This post is a reflection on my blog since I started blogging! It was something new for me a whole other way to share my thoughts in a better way. I learned a lot from my experience and I hope that I taught someone something as well. It was like being in thought mode another whole new mode in a game that you are playing the game of life. I’ve always spent a lot of time think of what to write about and I always wanted something new; something that no one else has done before so that I can enjoy my blogging experience to the maximum. I achieved a lot of stuff through my blog that I never expected myself to be able to achieve and I was successful in what I achieved that is why i’ll try as much as I could to keep blogging at least twice a month even if this school year is over.Untitled-1

What did I learn from my blog?

I learned how to write to an audience that can reply to you with their comments and thoughts on what you wrote and interact with you and this is my first time actually writing for an audience because all the essays we do in school are just directed toward no one and the feedback we get on them doesn’t really help us improve as writers, in my opinion, teachers just check them but they never tell you what you need to work on. On the other hand, blog posts can help you get better feedback from a wide community. I also learned how important pictures are, how to choose pictures to put on the blog, various styles of writing and techniques to improve posts #thinkingtuesdays. I also learned patience as many times I made posts that didn’t get views at all but hopefully they would someday. I learned how to think in a broader way rather than focusing on addressing a specific audience, I learned how to use the right tags and a lot more and More and MORE.

What worked for me is what I expected to work the least I wrote this one post about evolution of communication, it was one of my first posts that i thought was horrible, and i still get views on it until this day. I never expected a post to get that much views alone. Like seriously this post gained more views than all my other posts combined for some reason. I think it is luck. People say it because of my last name that I get views from all over the world, however, I don’t have my last name on the blog and I never posted it. I’m really proud that all these countries decided to visit my blog. Currently I have 80+ countries that visited my blog thanks to that one random magical post that I once made. I’m really curious to know though are the rest of my posts worse than that one? or is it just that the audience interested in the communication topic more? I really don’t know.

What I would do differently next time is probably share my blog out more and try to improve my topics to make them more interesting for people that is what I’m planning on doing for my very next post to find a topic that interest people a lot. My advice for next year bloggers is to ALWAYS TAG their posts that is how they get the views because no tagging equals no views. I tagged every single post since I started blogging never missed one. That is why I started off strong by receiving eight likes on my very first post. I would also advice them to share more and do something interesting that people at school need for example I made a resources page for my fellow classmates of AP European History before the AP test and they were actually useful resources that led people to check my blog more often during this week of AP testing. It was a very smart move, I need to confess it.

I think maybe for next year Mr. Theriault you can have like a day every two weeks where the whole class just brainstorms ideas for blogging so that when they go to the computer lab they wouldn’t be stuck in thinking like I was. I really think discussing several ideas where each student adds an idea would be awesome because the students would be more eager to check their Reader more often and visit each other blogs as well. 

At last I would like to thank you for giving us that blogging experience during high school as it might help us now and later in our lives where we can enter the global conversation!!

Maybe life is easy

This is a suggestion that maybe life is easy but we are complicating it so much because we are stressed and we are unorganized these two factors cause life to be harder than it is supposed to be. For example when you are a student in High School and you are extremely stressed out and taking life as a very heavy boulder over your shoulder then you are going to go to college and the stress is going to increase. It is just going to keep elevating to a point where you can’t handle it any more and you just give up. That shouldn’t happen. You shouldn’t waste years of your life just giving up on everything. Fail, then try, then fail and then try again until you have a certain lifestyle where you are less stressed since stress can never totally go away.

I really appreciate the guy in the TED talk because he found something that maybe the wealthiest or the smartest person wouldn’t find he found calamity and peace. He isolated himself from all the stress he was overwhelmed with, he successfully did it. Although he might not have a diploma hanging in his living room or any money at all, he discovered the one easy thing available for all of us to discover, simplicity of life.

We are complicating it so much. Sometimes we know that we are stressed and we know why but we don’t seek ways to reduce it. As a high school student you should enjoy life, do all kinds of crazy stuff, and have fun (P.S without injuring people). Even when you finish high school and you have a lot to study for, you shouldn’t just sit studying the whole day, you need to have fun every now and then because sometimes the daily routine becomes too boring to bear. You can take hard classes if you know you will be able to handle them that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. It is good to challenge yourself to  a certain level but the important thing is to have optimism and keep pushing yourself beyond your limits.

There is nothing such as pushing yourself harder, but we need to like what we learn because most of the time we are doing stuff that we don’t feel like doing but we still need to do anyways. I’ll take High School as an example, as High School students, we take a lot of hard classes and classes that we don’t like just to have a high GPA and even if you don’t like your classes you are still going to try your very best for the future not for the present. I’m reading a great book right now, What’s Math Got To Do With It? by Jo Boaler, it is mainly about better ways to understand mathematics but what I like the most about it is that is teaches teachers how to teach the subject in a way that would be useful to the students in their daily life. According to Boaler, this is what we should see in every classroom, “As the students shared ideas, others listened carefully and built upon them” This should not be applied only in math classes but other classes as well.

School might not be the only cause that leads to stress as a lot of people think because maybe you are stressed about an interview, a game or a competition. However, I would say that school would be the cause of at least 80% of stress everyday because school’s stress is permanent unlike the other minor stresses that glance at us and then leave. For instance, as a student, you wake up stressed about the two tests you have this morning that you didn’t study enough for because you had tons of homework and even though you didn’t rest at all except for having lunch and dinner, you still slept at 2 am . That is too much stress, more than we could bear as students. Students shouldn’t be expected to stay up studying for that long since they need enough sleep to perform well the next day in school.

What should we do in this case? Stress can be reduced by time management because if you keep procrastinating you are going to be stressed more, Procrastination is the main factor leading to stress. Laughing and trying to avoid thinking of the huge load of work you need to do also reduces stress. Doing what you love for half an hour a day might also reduce stress because apparently studying is not what you love so do something that helps have fun and quit thinking for a while. Not because you are in a competitive school you need to struggle because I know a lot of friends that went to competitive school, did their best, got good grades but still didn’t go to the college/university of their choice. Is that fair?

Schools should help students do what they love and not love what they do because we don’t always love what we do. The major lesson student learn in schools in my opinion is how to hate learning. We learn a huge amount of content every year and then we forget it in no time so what is the idea of learning like that. Each person has an ability to do something special and it is the teacher’s role to search for and find this ability because if we keep jamming the enormous information in our heads we will lose our special abilities instead of trying to improve them by learning. I think that teaching might be simple but it is the way you teach that matters the most. I think that everyone has the right to learn equally it is not because someone doesn’t understand a concept we leave him stressed out and struggling and go ask one of the smart students. That is not the way education works but unfortunately that is what a lot of teachers do because they only do their job without helping us for our future jobs.