How to Avoid Procrastination

I know procrastination is something that everyone experience, specially me because I’ve been procrastinating on¬†posting for a while and I’ve been working on creating two new pages that I’ll add soon to my blog so that distracted me from posting for a while but i’m back. Procrastination is something that is very hard to overcome because by time it becomes a habit which is really bad so if you are a procrastinator like me or just want to organize your life a little bit these tips are simple but they might save you time by practicing them:

  1. Prioritization: Think which task is more important to do at the moment. Make sure to focus on due dates and the amount of time required to perform each task. Priority Image
  2. Urgent vs. Important: You might think that these two terms are exactly the same but they are very different. Urgent is something that you need to do now because it can’t wait like something is due in the next hour and you need to turn it in quickly while important is something that is due today also but after 10 hours so you still have some time but you need to do it soon. There are four types of Urgent-Important intersections.Urgent vs important image
  3. Organization: It is hard to follow a schedule and I agree with that because you don’t know what is going to happen next, however, it is an excellent idea to always have a to do list so that you don’t procrastinate without realizing it. But remember to always aim for simplicity never be so complicated with your list.

There is a lot more than that to avoiding procrastination but at first try to keep it simple because if you trouble yourself too much with that you are going to feel that you have a lot to do and therefore procrastinate more. You always want to know which is more important since you think that if you do the easy task that is due next week and leave the task due tomorrow you are going to achieve a lot and that is what I used to think but now I realized how bad this way of thinking was. Same idea for urgent vs important and with the to-do-list which I consider very important. Do it a simple task that sounds easy but is actually hard. I have a lot of information about time management so if anyone is interested please comment below. Hope that helped.