Discover the Hidden

There are a lot of countries in the world that people don’t know or have never visited before although they excel in their beauty and their people are might be very kind and friendly. Examples of these countries are, Sao Tome and Principe (right), that I never heard of, and Malaysia (left), which I wish to visit one day.


People always hear the recommendations from other people and very few really try to discover a new place. Exploring new worlds; new ways of living; new cultures is the best thing to do even if these countries were not as beautiful as yours no matter how far they are, there’s always a good reason for travelling to new places which is seeing something different that you never saw before. Many people think that by looking at pictures they are going to be the happiest people in the whole world. Reality, however, is that pictures aren’t enough because they are the moments and good memories that are important to remember but if you just look at a picture, you shouldn’t be satisfied until you accomplish your goal which is to travel more.
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We need to think about it, do we prefer having people talk to us about a place they visited or going on a trip to discover this place? Most people choose to go to the same countries rather than discovering new territories because they either hear recommendations, see pictures, know about them for news resources or someone sharing his experience. And this is that’s the peoples nature but how did people find these new countries, by trying to expand their knowledge beyond what they can see.


I absolutely encourage all people to see the wonders of this world which is full of a lot of interesting places that very few people have been to, these places don’t need to be countries but they can be a mountain, a state, a monument, a temple, a famous park, a beach, etc.. because these places are a very important factors that contribute to classifying the country as beautiful.