The Hunger for Innovation

What originally started out as a small, simple idea became a big reality, where it was much more than just spurring innovation into the minds of teenagers. It was about putting ourselves out there in world, changing the world, and creating the deeper bond between one another. To do this, we decided to use food as our method. So why did we choose food for our small-scale project while others are doing much bigger things, like volunteering and fundraising? Well, we believe that food is a common language that we all share and love to embrace. It is absolutely awesome how you can do a lot to help the world, you don’t just need to be an inventor, a scientist, etc. to create these great things. You can always have that secondary job of distributing your knowledge and experience and use that invention created in a way to help several people and only then you would be as importantly equal as that scientist or inventor who created that invention. 

So when you’re going out and you’re suddenly in the mood for food, where do you go to eat? Right off the top of your head, a fast food restaurant is the best idea. It’s cheap, quick, quite filling, and there’s always a fast food place nearby. This is a huge problem, as there are much better places to eat out besides fast food, where the food is healthy (to some extent) and actually tastes like real food without the added preservatives and flavorings. However, many people these days are just too lazy to look for a good place to eat, as a fast food restaurant like McDonald’s could be found within a mile radius anywhere, or they just don’t know any good food places because they eat fast food so often. We felt that this was a popular need as a lot of people, including us, are related to this struggle. So we decided. We had 30 days. 720 hours. 43,200 minutes. 30 days to change the concept of eating out. That was how was how much time we put into our innovation project. We may only have less than a month to do this project, but hopefully our results will far exceed the time frame.

At first, we had no idea what our end product of this project would be. We only knew that our ultimate goal was to reach out to the community. Directly. We decided to create a working list of best restaurants in the OC area. In order to confirm our picks and expand our food IQ, we set out as a group to try some of these places for ourselves. That was how we were able to give food recommendations for some of the restaurants we had listed. We had our restaurants, but we still had to find a way for attention to be shed on it. We set about making a food pamphlet with our settled 37 favorite restaurants with their individual food picks each. On each food pamphlet, added a QR code to the back where when scanned, it would open a link to our blog. In total, we printed 350+ copies, which was about $35 total at Office Depot, and passed them out in our neighborhoods.

To further expand our project into the global conversation, we made our own blog titled “fvhsmoodforfood” and a twitter account called the same time. On this blog, we blogged about our favorite places to eat out, along with food recommendations. Also on our blog, we have an interactive google map of all 37 of our favorite places to eat out, from restaurants, to bakeries, and to ice cream parlors. On our twitter account, we took pictures showing our progress for the past 30 days.

Overall, we had a great time with this project. It may not have a huge impact on the world, but it’s meaningful and we’re satisfied with it.


The Language World

C’est incroyable. It is amazing how we can learn several languages and use them easily although they are not our mother languages. Learning languages is very important. I can imagine myself now standing in front of someone whom I don’t understand because he is speaking a foreign language. My first impression would be laughing at him and at myself. At him, because what he is saying sounds funny in my ear and at myself because of the shame realizing that I don’t understand him. I just don’t want to be like that guy in the picture and have people tricking me because I don’t understand them.

What really makes me sad is when people lose their home language because they could have worked hard to keep it and they didn’t. It is their fault and their parents fault that they didn’t try as much as they can to keep their home language. People think that if they migrate to another country then they don’t need their own language but it is your roots, it is your identity and where you came from you just leave it behind carelessly instead of being proud of where you came from. For me i’m very proud of where I came from and I would never deny it like other people that I met. I always like it when people ask me about where I came from because I get to tell them about my country, our traditions and our awesome language. It is great.

So remember that before learning a new language your home language should be safe and well known by you because why would you learn a how to write in a different language when you can’t write in your own? It just doesn’t make sense. Back to learning a new language a lot of people don’t want to learn languages because they think it is not important since they are not going to use these languages,and because they don’t have enough commitment to sit and learn for long time (maybe about 1 year of daily practice to master a language) so my advice to everyone who wants to learn a new language is to make a schedule which is easy and follow it which is harder and practice daily or at least weekly because if you forget a language that you have YOU FORGOT IT and it would be nearly impossible to learn it again.

There are a lot of reasons and benefits for why you might want to learn a language and I find this source very helpful because it has detailed reasons about why you might want to learn a language. For me as a high school student, I currently have three languages which are Arabic, English and French. I really enjoy that experience of having these languages and when I went to high school in the United States, I was able to skip two french levels out of four and go directly to the third level. This was a great advantage for me because I was required to learn french when I was young in my school and I’m glad I was. You are not going to lose anything when you learn new languages but you might not benefit at the moment as well. This or these extra languages you have are going to be useful later in your life not immediately but I’m pretty sure you will get to use them one day.

I don’t understand why they don’t teach children foreign languages in the United States and other countries from a young age because the language should stick with you the most and stay with you when you love it which is very important to love what you are learning and when you learn it from a younger age. I think public schools should start taking this step of teaching an extra language because as you grow older your tongue grows heavier and it becomes harder to pronounce some vowels or even whole words in different languages so start now when you are young. My last and final advice is please, please, please if you are a foreigner never lose your home language. Your language is your IDENTITY.


Would you survive without your phone?

One of the most important questions you can ask yourself is, would I be able to remain alive without technology? The answer for this question was very hard for me because technology nowadays play huge role in our lives because of the advancements it has reached and still improving as time flies by. Another question I asked myself, was if I can survive without my phone with no other item replacing it? By the word replacing it I was think of a tablet or other device that can perform the same task as the phone does and the answer to this question was, “It’s hard, but can be done.”

Technology is so important in our lives because it makes it easier for us to exert less effort. People like their phones because they can text, call, play games, etc.

As studies show people spend most of their time playing games and social networking rather than productivity and utilities. I’m not personally against media in any way but I’m against how people use the media in a wrong way to fulfill their free time and/or boredom. The main reason or concept that I want to reach is WHY? Why are people doing that?

People tend to use their phones as a way of communicating and if the phone is gone then they think that communication is over and can’t be established anymore. I, for instance, lived for a while without my phone with me in high school and daily life and I thought I was the strangest person ever because people kept taking selfies, texting the whole time and using their phones to start working on homework, projects, etc. I thought I was the only lonely but I survived for two years without it. This was a good experience for me because it taught me a lot of lessons that I just realized when I got a phone.

Technology is amazing if we learn how to use correctly at the suitable time and phones were made to make communication easier, not for playing games or wasting time. Instead of playing games life is beautiful play games in nature with nature. Try to know your world full of wonders by yourself and don’t depend on others all the time. Your time is now to see things you never saw before and learn in every way you can. Don’t limit yourself but expand.

See Through the World’s Eye

The world is so wide that one perspective isn’t enough to view, different perspectives are always needed because everyone thinks different and processes the information differently and apply it differently. That is why we can create several inventions from the same object. People usually create the things they need to solve their problems and that happens with a process that they might not realize they are doing it but that is what you need to create something:

Step 1: Have fun and relax


Step 2: Identify the goal, wish or problem

Step 3: Fact Finding, Gather information

Step 4: Generate ideas

Step 5: Evaluate your ideas

Step 6: Take action on your ideas

This is the best way to solve problems. You never like to check other perspectives because you think that yours is the best. However, you need to think too that other people might have the same problem as you do but the only difference is that they view everything from their unique perspective. Arguments are always on the point of view more than on right or wrong since if someone don’t get your point of view they are going to think that it is bad and judge you. How did scientists find their way in this world? They argued with other people and it turned out after a period of time that they were right. It is because they had a point of view that was very unique from other people. Imaging everyone thinking the same way, the world would never improve because no one tries to brainstorm before doing a project, a writing, or even a piece of art. If one day this was shared with the world and it was successful the creator would have a proof, which is brainstorming, that they can support that special thing with evidence of the work they did to get this idea.

People, like me, who always want to create something new and creative but are not sure about how to start it should always view the topic from several view points, brainstorm about the topic, and share their ideas with the world, which would help other people generate their new ideas with the world as you once did.